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Use probably the most effective learning platform with first-class eLearning for staff, customers or partners. Achieve more success, quality and security even without IT or knowledge, so you don't waste any time.

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Why knowledge has become so important

Companies must be successful in order to remain competitive and attract skilled labour. In view of the existing shortage of skilled labour, it is essential to increase the attractiveness of the company and pursue a clear strategy for long-term success. Here are three good reasons why you should never neglect knowledge through further education and training.


Maintain expertise

When experienced staff retire or leave the company, expertise is lost. A handover or onboarding sometimes is not possible. It is important to bring this knowledge on to other staff just in time.


Qualify personnel

A shortage of skilled employees and finding suitable personnel is difficult these days. Companies are often forced to hire non-specialist or less qualified applicants. It is important not to risk quality and safety in all processes.


Work successfully

Growth and success are important for every company. The competition never sleeps and can always pose a threat to your own business model. It is absolutely essential for successful companies to stand out from the competition and define themselves through expertise.

How to improve learning

Learning platforms

Use your own learning platform for more knowledge and flexible training.


Use eLearning effectively, safely and quickly so that you can learn independently.


Convert all existing training courses into independently applicable content.


Develop new, suitable learning concepts and get digitalisation moving.

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Matching products

With these products, successful eLearning is easy for any company.

WELL+ Learnings

Templates on many topics relating to occupational safety, fire protection, first aid and much more.

WELL+ Creator

Creation of new, effective content based on your company's templates.

WELL+ Developer

Development of learning concepts for the improvement of personnel in many areas of work.

You can also find many answers to our application options in our FAQ.


What we did.

About us

The vision

Our vision is to impart knowledge efficiently and inspiringly in order to improve people's lives. people's lives.

Who we are

WELL Plus was founded in 2017 as a developer of digital learning solutions in Germany and has grown steadily since then.

How we work

We are completely digital and can offer and process all services and products regardless of location.

Values that are important to us


For us, communication is characterised by openness and honesty in order to understanding and harmony.


We ensure that we treat each other with respect and as equals. A social and trusting cooperation is essential for us.


For us, progress means the positive and responsible development of people to increase their social skills using creative tools.


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